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EBO Educational Services, LLC
Sep 02, 2021
In General Discussions
In the last couple of weeks, we have spoken to many students who have reported that the situations in the schools are getting worse. A few have either contracted the virus and are in quarantine, or spoke of friends being quarantined. There are a few schools who have closed facilities for a few days, but nearly not enough. We are hoping that our students get well, and that they mask up and protect themselves. Your thoughts?
DPH says half of Georgia's recent COVID-19 outbreaks traced to schools content media
EBO Educational Services, LLC
Jun 03, 2021
In Tutor Talk
After a year and a half of completely virtual tutoring, we at EBO have a slight bias on what we think of it 😉. But we want to know your opinion. Is online tutoring useful? What are the pros and cons?
What are the pros and cons of online private tutoring? content media
EBO Educational Services, LLC
Feb 06, 2021
In General Discussions
Our school district is opening the schools back up this coming Monday. The schools are doing the best they can to prepare (see video), but is it enough? Although many students are struggling online, is it worth it due the rising COVID-19 count?
Is opening the schools back up the best move to do?  content media

EBO Educational Services, LLC

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