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"With the help from EBO, our son exceeded his educational goal. My husband and I wanted to find a tutor to give him a break from us. He needed to pass math on the CRCT which seemed to be a weak area for him. Our tutor's expertise coupled with our son's effort achieved him an 861 (which exceeds the standard)... I would recommend EBO to my friends and family because of the progress my son made over a short period of time."

- Aretha

"When I decided I wanted to be a paraprofessional, I found out I had to take an assessment exam.  I was quite disappointed because I’ve been out of school for thirty years, and to say the least, I had forgotten a lot.

 I heard about EBO and hired a tutor for high school math.  He worked diligently with me until I learned what was required on the test.  I passed the test!  I’m sure I could not have done it without him.  He’s a very intelligent and reliable tutor. I would certainly recommend him for any school age student or any adult that needs a refresher course like I did."

- Lori

        "It is always a wonder when someone is proven wrong of their own thought.  That is exactly what happened to me!  I came into EBO tutoring not expecting what I know now.  I have really got to admit that it has helped and changed much of my look into math and confidence.
        Figuring that my math grade would stay low as it is and I would not learn what I needed to, my low mentality stayed the same as my grade for a while.  However, that was not the end.  Slowly I realized that I do understand and the good grades started coming in.  I got the sense that “I can do this.”  Along with my math grade, my math skills and confidence grew.  Consequently, I was sent to receive help, and that is what happenend.
        Mr. Burt helped me a lot.  It is hard to find a sincere, dedicated teacher that is willing to help students with their education.  All-in-all, he is one of those teachers that just doesn’t sit there and teach; he engages students into the subject and helps them understand not only how it’s done, but why.  At first, I never understood the depth of the concepts, but Mr. Burt has helped me look at math in a real type of way which makes it easier and understandable.
        EBO tutoring is a warm place and I recommend it to anyone who needs a push in any subject area.  Whoever misses out on such an opportunity is missing out on an opportunity to succeed.  With affordable and fair prices and good service, this is the best place.  God is working through this service and the people affiliated with EBO tutoring will help today’s stars shine brightly like champions in the future."

- Alisha

"We enjoyed the one-on-one training and location. Based on the recommendations that EBO provided, our daughter met her educational goals. We would refer our EBO to our friends and family because the hands-on training is needed for all kids"

- Tomika

"I am very happy to say that my son started tutoring services with EBO in May 2011. He has grown by leaps and bounds with the help of their services. He has significantly improved in math and language arts and we are so ecstatic! I would definitely recommend them to anyone considering utilizing tutoring services. They are efficient and very affordable. Additionally, they are a family business and make you feel as if you are a part of the family also."    


- T. Daniel

Just learned and mastered a whole chapter of Logarithms in 45 min! EBO is a Beast!


- K. Millikan

EBO is awesome! I was struggling in science and English; after I got some help from EBO, I understand it all!! :]


- A. Millikan

These are just a few of the many success stories at EBO. We would love to show you what we can do to help you reach your educational goals. Schedule your free consultation now and let us show you what we can do for you. At EBO, client satisfaction is our highest priority.

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