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We also have prep sessions for:




SAT-ACT Flyer SM.jpg
  • Time management during tests

  • Key concepts and formulas

  • Strategies for multiple-choice tests

  • How to unlock word problems

  • Math shortcuts

  • Effective English writing & grammar


Dear EBO Instructor,

           Thank you so much for your help in preparing my daughter for her repeat ACT. She learned so much in the sessions, and gained confidence in the process. She works really hard throughout the school year and maintains a 3.5 GPA, but struggles with test taking.

            I am very pleased to tell you on the ACT she retook her Math score went from a 16 to 21, English from 23 to 26, she received the Presidents award at school  which is for students who have a 3.5 GPA and score in top 15% for Math or English in standardized testing.

           She has been accepted at KSU ,which was her top choice. I would highly recommend these classes or tutoring for any student who is struggling, or needs an extra boost. You are truly a gifted educator, who connects with and inspires your  students. Keep on making a difference, one student at a time, the gaps you are bridging are paving the road to their future success.


Josephine M.

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