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We are EBO: 
Education Builds Opportunity

       For over about a decade and a half, EBO has helped students reach academic excellence and personal success. We are known as holistic tutoring, meaning we help grow the mind, spirit, and emotional well being of our students -- to phenomenal results! 
       We don't just teach them subjects, we get to the root of the problem. We look back at the academic gaps and other underlying issues students have carried over the years and we resolve and fill them. We form and build relationships with students that last. Plus, WE TEACH STUDENTS HOW TO BE STUDENTS because they don't learn that in school. Study skills, test taking skills, test strategies... You name it, we do it! 
      Please, schedule a free consultation with us. Leave info in the contact form. Look at some of our testimonials. Whatever you decide to do, you/your child will do better & you won't regret it. Be blessed!

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