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Summer Sessions 2022*

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Class Description:

One of our most popular summer classes, Algebra Advantage is back!!!

In 8 weekly hour-long sessions, they will learn the nuts and bolts of Algebra - the backbone of all advanced math. It will help them as they progress from basic adding, subtraction, multiplication, and addition into Algebra I, Algebra II, Trigonometry, Geometry, and so on. This class will bridge that gap from middle to high school math (which actually starts in 8th grade). Hard stuff, made easy.

Have class with friends! The more students in the class, the more the savings! Send this page to them, and have them register! Maximum class size: 6 students.

Excellent for Rising 7th-10th Graders!

Topics Covered:

  • Mastering fractions

  • Solving for x in most equations

  • Basic algebra equations (linear, quadratic, exponential)

  • Graphing Equations

  • Factoring

And more...

*Note: This is an online Zoom Class. Preferred devices - desktop or laptop with a camera. Please have the app installed on your computer  before the classes begin.

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