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Studying: Rediscovering a Lost Art

Updated: Feb 6, 2021

We all must study for success.

As students return to school each year, a question that is never asked is: Does my student know how to be a student? Many students go to school grade after grade and attempt to learn math, science, reading, and English, but they never learn the basics of how to be a student.

Time management, study skills, test-taking skills, and note-taking skills are untaught subjects in school, yet we expect students to perform well without ever truly being taught these skills. One way to look at the importance of studying is like eating. The body must eat in order to get the nutrients it needs, yet if you don’t digest the food, you get no nutrients from it. The same goes for learning. A teacher can feed all the information they want to a student, yet if the student does not study to digest the information, no knowledge is gained from it.

The bottom line: The main responsibility of a student is not to learn; that is a given which is actually a result from committing to their true responsibility — to study. A student‘s main job is to study. They are made from the same root, and they are indisputably connected.

If your student is not studying, they are not doing their job. Grades K-6 should at least spend 30 minutes studying their homework after it is completed. Grades 7-College should spend at least an hour.

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Jamal L. Burt

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