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Doing It for Them

These days, education has become a complicated issue. With all the things students must learn, the move to online, the pace teachers move, the educational jargon used, and a host of other constantly moving parts, the advised (and not advised) methods, the field of education can be a bit overwhelming. Because of all these things, it seems that one question lingers over the heads of every parent: Why is it so hard to just teach my child? Or even more wondered: Why is it so difficult for them to learn and keep up?

One reason could be that education has become more of a commodity, and less than a passion. The heart is slowly disappearing from the soul of educating. Now, this may seem like a stark statement, but in many instances, it rings true. We see teachers that spend more time with disciplining students than teaching them. They spend less time helping students with their individual needs, and more time trying to manage the crowd. Students are tuning out... and teachers are becoming burnt out. Administrators are more concerned with test scores; your child has become a number for improving stats instead of a growing person that needs someone to guide them into this unpredictable world.

EBO was created to fill that gap. We teach complicated stuff, but we aim for the heart of the child first. Our bottom line is not test scores - we focus on the heart and emotional well being of your child individually. Custom-fit instruction for the child right in front of us. When we elevate the spirit & confidence of a child, the grades soon follow. For 11 years, we have seen how getting to know our clients and simply encouraging them makes all the difference. Learning has become more difficult, so we guide and mentor students, letting them know that they can do it with a little focus and a lot of love.

Education has become cold and distant. We must work to put the heart back into it. We have to build the kids up so that when they're old enough to take over, they can build the world up into something better. Our kids need guidance and encouragement through difficulties, not neglect and alienation. The goal of education is to properly prepare our next generations for improving society, not to become just another walking commodity. We shouldn't be doing it for the numbers, we're doing it for them...

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