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Many writers use a plagiarism checker free like Grammarly before submitting their articles to the professors. Using plagiarism checkers are very important to maintain the quality of the articles and assignments. You can even use the chicago referencing generator to ensure that your articles are cited accurately. Doing multiple checks on these factors

1. Run a Google search

Running a simple Google search to check any part of the paper is a very easy method. If you find a paragraph or a sentence that seems plagiarised, do your primary check using Google. Then, you only need to copy-paste the piece you want to check in Google. If you put a quotation mark at the start and end of the sentence, Google will show you if there are any published pieces with similar lines. Do you need academic assignment help and looking for professionals online? provides the best academic assistance.

2. Use free online applications to check electronic documents

There are numerous free websites that you can use to check plagiarism. Usually, these websites offer more features than a simple Google search. Although most of them are paid, you can search for free plagiarism checkers. For example, a plagiarism checker like comes in both free and paid versions for students and professionals. Once you choose a site, copy and paste the sentences or articles you want to check. Many sites also allow the users to upload entire documents. Some popular sites are: If you are looking for page calculator to count your page.

3. Try a commercial service for more efficient checking

If you regularly check papers in bulk, it is better to pay for a service that will help you in the long run. Many schools purchase such professional software for their term paper help . You can even buy an individual membership for yourself. These sites are capable of automatically checking the papers. Two of the most used services are Turnitin and Essay Verification Engine.

4. Encourage your school to use plagiarism checker tools

Suggest everyone at your school use this plagiarism checking process even if there isn't any such policy in your school. That way, students will know that teachers will check their copies through software. Thus, they will not be encouraged to cheat and copy while writing their articles.

Following these four ways will help you tackle plagiarism issues while writing articles.

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