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Students studying Contract Law have to deal with numerous types and rules of contracts. If you require Contract Law assignment help online, you should always study different types of case examples to clear your issues. Furthermore, if you are new to the topic, you must focus on certain specific types of contracts, which have been listed below.

1. Unilateral and Bilateral Contracts

When only one party promises to take action or provide something of value, it is known as unilateral contracts. For instance, you can consider a party who offers reward for finding a misplaced item. The party to whom the prize money is offered is under no obligation to find the item.

The most common form of contract is the bilateral contracts. Here, the parties involved have to agree to exchanging items or services of value.

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2. Unconscionable Contracts

These types of contracts are considered unjust by being biased or unfairly weighted to give advantage to one party over the other. For instance, you can consider the limit on the damages a party may receive for the breach of contract. It also involves an inability to have a warranty honored.

But, whether a contract is unconscionable is left for interpretation by the courts. In order to receive asa citation format, you can check out assignment samples in the repository of the academic service providers.

3. Fixed Price Contracts

These contracts involve both the buyer and seller agreeing on a fixed price for a project. However, it is risky for the sellers. This is because if the projects take longer duration or more resources to complete, the seller is obligated to do so.

Apart from the above-mentioned contracts, there are Option, Aleatory, Adhesion, Express and Implied contracts. With time, you have to study all. And if you require report writing help, you should take the help of professional experts.

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