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Changing the Design: Different Schools for a Different Age

Updated: Feb 6, 2021

It’s time to change the way we teach our children. It’s time to change the schools…

My wife recently pointed me to an amazing video the other day about changing the way our schools are modeled, thus changing the way we educate our children. This video is so valid in its presentation and raises a lot of questions. Specifically, Since we already know that regular school models aren’t working, why haven’t we turned the ship around yet? Not only does this video answer the question, it provides some practical answers. These answers are ones that EBO is prepared to face and implement in the future… Stay tuned.

Enjoy and don’t accept the way things are just because they are set by a lengthy precedence. Things are meant to be changed.

Changing Educational Paradigms by Sir Ken Robinson Animated by The RSA

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